The first international meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Social Inclusive Skills for Health Professionals in European Level”, supported by the Ministry of the European Union, was held in Rize.


Within the framework of the 2016 Erasmus + Key Action 2 (KA2) Strategic Partnerships Projects (Development of Innovation), the “Social Inclusive Skills For Health Professionals in European Level”, adopted by the Ministry of European Union, Center for European Union Education and Youth Programs and the first transnational meeting of the project took place at our University, between 15-16 February 2017.

AKLUB Centrum (Czech Republic), Smashing Times Theater Company Limited (Ireland) and Eurofortis (Latvia) participated in this first meeting hosted by our University as coordinator organization in the project. Following topics such as the publicity of the project logo, the introduction of the project, the organization of work packages, the content of future transnational meetings, the methodology of the project, the evaluation tools, the dissemination of the project process and its results were discussed on the first day of the meeting.

A study visit to the Recep Tayyip Erdo?an University Training and Research Hospital was conducted with the stakeholders to examine the project application field in the afternoon on the second day of the first transnational project meeting. During the study visit, under the coordination of Gülhanım BEKİROĞLU from Quality Management Unit and under the leadership of Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Mustafa AKSOY, an acquaintance and evaluation meetings were held with the participation of emergency department nurses, medical social workers and other unit personnel working in the hospital as the target groups of the project.

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