Social Inclusive Skills for Health Professionals in European Level

Overview of project partners



Recep Tayyip Erdogan University (formerly Rize University) is established in 2007 and as a state university, it has approximately 20.000 students. The university is committed to provide academic freedom and environment to enrich scientific, social, intellectual and cultural development of its students. Besides, the university is to achieve competitiveness in scientific and technological fields, product-oriented, offering education at an international level; providing social, cultural and sportive needs to its students; augmenting qualified academic staff with excellent research and professional service perspectives. The university also makes every effort to fulfil its responsibilities by providing a wide variety of academic programmes in the fields of natural, applied and health sciences as well as social sciences, arts and humanities, fisheries, human services and business administration. The university seeks to engage students in research and creative activities, to promote excellence in teaching to develop and maintain scholarship, establishing academic cooperation with other institutions and international agencies in order to maximize effectiveness through information sharing and transfer of innovation.

Biedrība Eurofortis, Latvia

Association “Biedrība Eurofortis” is a multicultural non-governmental organization that aims to facilitate continuing education of schools, enterprises and society, supporting development of different competencies, as well as personal and professional skills. We implement various EU educational projects to foster and ensure: Availability of educational and up-to-date learning materials, platforms, seminars and training for everyone; Implementation of EU initiatives such as Work-based learning, EQAVET in educational sector; Organization of foreign mobilities for students and youth (Erasmus+ Youth, VET mobilities); Training in the field of Total quality management implementation.

AKLUB, Czechia

  • Contact person: Ludek Richter
  • phone: +420 604267486
  • email:
  • website:

AKLUB Centre of education and counseling is an educational non-for-profit organization focused on providing educational services to professionals and experts, disadvantaged people and youth as well as developing educational and integration programs and products. AKLUB is also regularly participating in national and international projects focused on lifelong learning, educational methods, coaching, e-learning, distance education, special methods for counseling, integration programs, etc.

Smashing Times Theatre Company, Ireland

Smashing Times is a professional theatre and film company involved in performance, training and participation. The work of the company is underpinned by a rights-based approach and a commitment to artistic excellence and social engagement. As a leading professional arts organisation the company develops cutting edge projects that promote social justice, peace, gender equality, human rights, positive mental health, anti-racism, and more through high quality artistic processes, merging art, culture and politics to interact and engage with contemporary society and the world we live in. The company was established in 1991 by a group of women actors who met at the Focus Theatre Dublin. Today the work takes place at local, national, and international levels in a range of settings – on screen, on stage from the professional arts and theatre space to local schools and communities where we are invited to work with people collaboratively, and at European and international levels.


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