With the goal of finishing the work package (WP) 2 and to evaluate the fulfillment of the implementation of the project (methodology, aims, period, budget, results, …) and dissemination up to the date, to analyze the conclusions drawn from the WP2 and to plan the work package 3, the partnership held the second transnational project meeting in Riga, Latvia on 23-24 November 2017.



During the first day of the meeting, the partnership overviews the project activities up to date. It is suggested to improve communication on social media in order to reach more endusers. Next, the benchmark report drawn from the studies (A7. In-depth interview, A8. Questionnaire, A9. Discussion Groups) in order to develop the Intellectual Output 1. Analysis Report: Analysis and Training Needs for the Development of Social Inclusion and Communication for Health Professionals at European Level has been discussed. It has been concluded that communication skills won’t show on the same level in private sector as they do in public sector, so we have to concentrate on the public sector as that is the space where various problems often occur. Also, in most cases, disadvantaged groups turn to public sector as it is the only option due to financial factor. Another layer of cross-communication (in the context of health sector) derives in the partner countries – Slovak nurses are going to Czech Republic, Irish nurses to Britain, USA or Australia, Latvian nurses to Germany, Britain and Norway. Other results are as following:



On the second day of the meeting, the partnership made a study visit to Riga East University Hospital in order to discuss the study findings with the health professionals. The comments of the professionals were in line with the study results that communication skills should be developed in terms of social inclusion.


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